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Our mission statement is “Education as an Aid To Life”. At Art of Life, the Montessori Method is the best method to prepare children and give them the best foundation for a bright future. Discover more of our Philosophy below.





For us, every child is unique

The Philosophy of Art of Life

At Art of Life Nursery and Montessori School, our steadfast belief in the benefits of a Montessori education forms the basis of our school’s mission. We are dedicated to preparing our students in learning and coping successfully with life’s fundamental skills. We provide a developmentally appropriate and intellectually stimulating program, which is implemented in an enriched environment that is enjoyable, safe and nurturing.

Our philosophy at Art of Life Nursery and Montessori School is based upon the belief that each child is unique. The child’s individuality is demonstrated by the pace through which he/she masters the sequential stages of development.

We believe that each child has different strengths and needs. We implement individual program plans to assist children with their personal objectives and encourage the success in their areas of strength.


“For us, the most important thing is to give children the tools to grow by themselves”

We believe that children:

  • are individuals in their own right
  • are eager, active and curious
  • are more at ease if allowed to learn at their own pace
  • need as much freedom as the environment can permit
  •  respond more readily to positive suggestions and statements rather than commands
  • need to know what behaviour is not allowed because it is unsafe or harmful to themselves or others
  • need to know what limits exist in the use of equipment and materials
  • need to know that you are there to help them in stressful times and encourage them and support them in new situations.

Quality Education

Our staff is highly trained in teaching, and selected by their ability to establish strong and trusted relationships with children.

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Unique Programs

Art of Life Montessori School offers Programs for children 6 months to 6 years old that are tailored for each child to enhance their strengths.

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Education as an Aid to Life.


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